About Us


Our company has been established by the Family Company, which has been working in the sector since 2008 with a focus on production and analysis. Our aim is to meet the packing box needs of our industrialists, factories and other businesses in Konya and surrounding provinces for export and domestic shipments.

Thanks to advanced packaging techniques, it reduces costs by saving labor costs, time, energy, stock area, transportation, production waste, waste product generation for the manufacturer.

In terms of transportation, it saves fuel, personnel and time in transportation by providing easy stocking, less storage, protection from damage, low weight thanks to the use of light packaging material.

For the retail seller, it prevents spoilage and reduces waste. For the retail seller, transportation, ease of use, usage information, production date and packaging preventing spoilage mean savings.

Our Mission

  • To create an environment where honest and reliable relationships are established with our customers, employees and suppliers, and their expectations are met.
  • To provide products and services beyond the expectations of our customers by constantly improving our knowledge and technology.
  • To carry out all our activities in a short time, efficiently and with high quality, with teamwork and cooperation.

Our Vision

To be a pioneer in development, a leader in the country and the world market and a respected organization by directing technology with our R & D studies developed on safety and corrosion control applications.